Emilio Pou Feliu

Head of department

Noise pollution is considered a very important environmental factor that influences people’s quality of life. It is an issue that got a specific consideration in the World Health Organization.

In application of Law 37/2003 we can model the noise generated by various issuers either to determine the acoustic impact produced by an activity or an infrastructure, or to make the noise map of a municipality as defined in RD 1513/2005

The team involved with this kind of file consists of:

  • Environmental Science Graduates
  • Civil Engineers
  • GIS Specialists

Used hardware and software:

  • Sound Level Meter Brüel&Kjaer
  • Software:
    • CadnaA (Datakustic GmbH, Greifenberg, Germany)
    • SoundPlan V.1.0
    • MDT
    • gvSIG

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