icex 09/09/2015

Consultant in Chile

In orther to strengthen the latest business surveys, and through a program of the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute, ATP has from now a consultant specialized in the Chilean market whose main function is to facilitate our access and insight into it.

chile 09/09/2015

ATP attends summit in Chile

ATP travels to Chile to attend the Forum of Investment and Business Cooperation Spain-Chile. It begins on November 22 in Santiago de Chile and will be chaired by His Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess of Asturias. This meeting will serve to expand contacts and strengthen business relationships previously established with Chilean companiesfter an initial fitness evaluation phase by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade), we accessed the PIPE program. It takes approximately two years and, by means of it, we will complete the steps that lead to the internationalization of ATP.

CAyMA 09/09/2015

ATP achieves excellent results in ISO’s audits

chile 09/09/2015

ATP opens a new branch in Santiago de Chile

In order to provide a complete service to our clients in Chile, we have opened an office in the bussines area in the city of Santiago. Therefore the proximity to our local clients will be guaranteed. Our address in Santiago is: San Sebastian 2812 office 809. Las Condes. Santiago. Chile. Telephone number 00 56 9 61668582

panam 09/09/2015

ATP visits new markets

According to our internationalization plan, we are surveying rising economic  markets. We’ve been to Panamá and checked the optimal health of their economy. Further reports point Mexico as a good scenario for bussiness opportunities. We’ll be in México next september in order to corroborate it.